What a YEAR!!

2016 started out like any other year, at home with family and then off to work as I was on rotation for that holiday. Then January 4th happened and while I “didn’t blush”, Chris Gayle was racking up headlines across the globe for his comment towards a female Australian Journalist. Then came the treble of victories for West Indies Cricket, the U-19’s Team came from … Continue reading What a YEAR!!

On the Brink

(Image courtesy: Windies Cricket) ZERO, the number of Test matches the West Indies has lost when chasing targets of less than 200. The team is looking to keep that clean sheet in the third and final Test match against Pakistan in the UAE. Just 39 runs separate the West Indies from their third Test victory away from home since 2000 excluding Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and their … Continue reading On the Brink

West Indies A Team Revival

Rebuilding the West Indies Cricket team to the stature it once had, is a great task and one of the surest ways to seal that revitalization is through the establishment of structures and plans to solidify gains and recruit new team members. In its mandate to rebuild West Indies cricket to its days dominance, the WICB has made it publicly known that solid performances in … Continue reading West Indies A Team Revival