Born and raised in the Caribbean is a privilege I was blessed with. Growing up playing street or beach cricket or picking fruits from the neighbours trees and making “chow” while on school holidays were the highlights of my childhood. Attending school with classmates of different religions, ethnicities, social and economic backgrounds shaped me into the person I am today. Growing up in an Islamic home, my family taught me how to think along the boundaries of my religion without overstepping but not settling for less. I was born a cricket enthusiast and naturally a West Indies supporter. In my lifetime, West Indies cricket has been a seesaw of results and emotions, but my love and support has never wavered.

While looking for a job, my career choose me. I became the first hijab-wearing Sports Journalist in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean. Though cricket is my first love, sports and travelling is my world. Overseas assignments allow me to explore new and familiar countries, learning about their cultures through food, conversations and observation.

I am blessed beyond compare to combine the two things I love doing. I’m a newbie in these things, but I’m just getting started. Stay tuned and join me in my exploits……